Sagacity’s End

Examination of oneself or introspection is viewed in varying ways;

Positive and negative connotation are both found.

It’s funny how observation by an individual causes groups to observe said individual,

And yet they believe they’re entitled or correct in expressing extrospective judgment.

How is this so?

In analyzing the self,

We as finite beings are afforded the overall amazing ability to express a level of authority;

Maybe because of our seemingly power-hungry world,

this isn’t fascinating since it applies only to one person,

But why is authority suddenly an object of disgust when it can be used for the improvement of your own well-being?

Why is it that by looking inward

we believe ourselves to suddenly be blind to the outer or external world?

Make note, though, that even the most introspective individual must not be lost in personal entanglement.

For the vineyard that is the mind can quickly become overgrown and withered,

If only nurtured for the sake of its advancement solely.

By observing and interacting with others,

We develop or, at least, attempt to, a flow and pace which we can adapt to.

Our bodies operate based on certain flows or rhythms,

And when that rhythm is off or out of sync;

Even the most adaptable individual,

Is best found to be apart of a group or, at least, a pair.


Learn to seek purpose,

Rather than waiting for it to be given.