Status Update

The key to all information,

or at least presumed,

Can be found at the click of a button.

But, is it ALL information

or is it only the information that people desire others to know?


Politeness or being correct has become a matter of majority rule,

or at least a matter of a loud voice.

Of course if any authority is shown,

Be ready for an argument.

In a time of history where noise can end up being more important than reason,

and repost’s or “retweets” are what qualify something as significant,

Authority and credibility doesn’t hold the weight it once did.


I’m no better by writing this,

But I don’t know how to react anymore.

The rather constant confusion in the world around me,

Has led to my inner self gripping to any shred of sense and reason it can with white knuckles.


The paralysis felt upon realizing that freedom can be given away in a matter of seconds,

Is oddly empowering in the way that it tries to crush you.

But if you receive this realization as reason to think rather than surrender;

You will find light grows exponentially in the midst of darkness, akin to the one being documented at this very moment.

This light though,

will only be found,

If you actively seek it.


Drain Me

You couldn’t pay me to write as of late,

I’ve been blaming a lack of motivation;

A lack of desire,

and at times a lack of much to write.

But it’s honestly at the point,

Where I know it’s not because of lack.

It’s because of the excess,

The surplus in my day to day;

The excess of work,

The excess of isolating and limiting depression,

The overwhelming loose fingered grip I feel upon myself.


I keep crashing,

Only to need to wake up moments after;

Or at least that’s how my weary head sees it in this foggy existence.