New Versions of Old Ideas

You can only talk to yourself for so long,

No matter what could be the topic burning in your brain;

It’s far more exhausting sometimes just keeping track on your train of thought,

Than even the most awkward of interactions with others.

There is something about it though,

That glare of another persons eyes;

Burning through your back,

A look so familiar & yet unique for every situation.

Sometimes it’s a look of disdain or disgust,

It also could simply be a look of shock or listlessness.

But it sometimes just feels like the no vacancy sign is on worldwide,

And the only room for you is inside;

Inside your own head.

And you’d never think it could,

But it just might;

Now the one who wants to throw you out,

The one who doesn’t want you around is yourself.

Resign or Refine?

It’s all pretty simple.

Although, that’s only in word

where simplicity is found.

Ultimately, it’s a choice only oneself can make.

Just remember, that when you start to think you know;

You don’t.


Red Handed Silence

Whether it’s the creaking door,

The sense of something or someone around the corner,

Or just the fact you can’t explain everything in fine detail;

Our irrational mind sometimes makes our thought lives into an amusement park,

And we are often along for the ride against our will.

Why must we be against it?

Well, I’m not saying our intent must always be in opposition;

It’s more the actions that follow such moments and emotions,

It’s the heightened anxiety & fear among other rather damaging outcomes

that show you to not exactly be in favor of your psyche hopping onto a roller coaster & avoiding to wear any sort of seat belt.

Irrationality then becomes a piece of reality,

Or at least a piece that needs resolution.

But of course, in the clear need for resolution;

There is always the chance that procrastination can swoop in like a bird to prey,

And then you become a hypochondriacal mess.

Sorting through every single thing that could be wrong or will be wrong in an instant,

Only to find most things (both to your surprise & grief) aren’t in your control.

In fact by submitting to irrationality rather seeking reason & resolve,

You’re only enacting clear proof how little control you have.

Walk with wonder or run if you can keep up,

But don’t hide or run from it.

For discovery is not necessarily a contest,

But it’s more a chance to be presented;

A chance to know more than you already do,

And occasionally a chance to see how little you knew previously.

Whatever may happen,

It will be molded partly by your hands.