Business suits & dime bags,

Roxies & Xanax sold out of a Dolce & Gabbana.

New apartments starting at $3,000+;

Next to the tent city between 7th & 16th.

In my moment of treat & luxury,

Walking to get a cup of coffee;

I watch a local rocking himself into a higher state of mind.

Cracked up,

The high isn’t coming quick enough.

On hands & knees.

Dignity isn’t even a factor unless I have my needles.

Crawling on feces both human & animal,

My loyalty is even questionable unto myself.

Some sights & smells of a poverty of health;

Makes you wonder

where a city truly can find its wealth.


Tolerant Smiles & Body Piles

On the surface I appear to be but one thing,

But really I’m a mixture or combination of many.

It seems my skin,

Or at least its shade of pigment,

Is both an advantage & deception.

But much like everyone else could say,

It’s just how I was made.

On that note though,

How some were made has led others to take the life out of them.

And that isn’t right.

Saying it isn’t right,

Isn’t even right in and of it self!

It’s not strong enough to describe the real wrongdoing committed.

You see I come from two different cultural backgrounds by birth,

And a melting pot of another via my place of living.

But because the color of my skin,

Is that of the shade or color that is considered “normal” or “typical”;

I can typically go unnoticed and unharmed.

This isn’t and hasn’t always been the case.

When I was younger,

My “culture” was a little more easily seen,

You could say my “true colors” were on display.

Realistically I just got more sun than I typically do now.

Not making light of something that has literally started wars,

I want to admit my own shortcomings;

I want to say that I’ve been the offender as much as I’ve been the offended,

If not more.

And for that,

I truly am sorry and what to say that I am committed to doing better.

To living differently, & not tolerating anything else.

That doesn’t mean I’m judge jury or executioner to society,

I am only these things to a slight degree unto myself.

But I also won’t be silent,

That I may be confused as someone who is in approval of hate being spread;

Spread like the virus it is,

Akin only to the most violent of cancers.

Circumstances aside,

The only reason the world could truly crumble today;

Is because of the waves of hatred in human form,

That we (myself included) have decided to wash our society away in.


This in response many things, but I finally was beyond being compelled to respond when I read this blog entry from Austin Channing- You all don’t have to, but I’d ask you to consider reading it as well. I am of Mexican & Italian blood, but an American born young man; to most though, I’m considered just another Caucasian person at least because of skin pigment. Interpret that how you will, because I don’t think I need to explain what goes into that description of people; and unfortunately it’s not just on a small scale, it’s a worldwide scale.


In a thick fog of depression & exhaustion,

I feel as though I could go swimming.

But that might only be because I can’t honestly think straight.

The only consistent thought of clarity as of late,

Is the rarity in which I feel able to relate.

I feel comparable to an hourglass;

As though I’m both the falling sand

and the glass it’s contained in.

Trapped only by my own doing.

Or at least, grossly aware of my prison.

It’s fitting though,

Seeing as though I locked myself away:

While it’s not wrong to have feelings,

It’s a mistake let those feelings take control.

If these thoughts would leave, I wouldn’t mind my head being like a hole.

Exit or not,

Sometimes you just aren’t sure.

But once it’s time to leave,

You must act or risk being consumed;

Consumed again in the fog of day,

The same gray that blinded & imprisoned you before.


Things Better Lost Forever than Kept Temporarily

Loss is inevitable,

& ironically accidental on occasion.

The loss of materials however,

Are often given more importance than they’re due.

Even easier than our bodies,

All materials will eventually rot away back to formless dust.

Saying goodbye is healthy,

Not always ideal;

But better to learn willingly than be brainwashed into it.

In our world that avoids pain at all costs,

Perseverance is made out to be synonymous with jadedness.

In a time of history where stepping back & admitting wrongdoing,

whether on a local or international scale,

is something seen as stupid rather than noble & brave;

What more could you expect?

Don’t dread loss or avoid farewells long overdue,

In being encompassed by this resistance to reality;

You’ve effectively already lost you’re main & probably most unique to society.