Things Change(Both Together & Apart)

Things change, we sigh to ourselves.

What about when the change is both for the best and exciting?

What about when the change is “everything” you’ve dreamed of?

Is this sigh of a feeling we could have never imagined being a part of our “perfect” dream,

Still impending?


Don’t wait to feel the weight of making change,

By motivationally speaking yourself through every step along the way.

To rearrange & to change are similar actions,

But hardly ever are they the feeling or emotions.

Even some of the smallest things,

Can effect us both inwardly & outwardly stronger than we’ll ever admit.

Whether it be a room having a new paint job or a friend moving away,

Yes neither of these changes are at all equal,

But we do respond to these both within & outside of ourselves.


If you enact a change from a place of excitement & peace,

But then feel discouraged;

This isn’t necessarily the sign of a mistake having been made,

If anything it’s just the day to day colliding with the excitement you felt of the moment.

But above all things and actions you can or cannot do,

Don’t lie to yourself about this discouragement or uneasiness.

Let it hit you,

Face it,

But don’t ask it to stick around and make “itself” comfortable.


The most effective action you can take when you hear a lie,

Is to identify it as untruth with the truth you know to combat it.

For lies are but slugs along the highway of true life,

And we must holdfast to truth as the salt that dissolves these slugs for the nothingness they are.


Congratulations on being aware of change,

But please don’t fool yourself into believing you always be happy about this awareness.

Food of the Mind & Body

Have you ever considered the amount of time spent eating,

Compared to the time we spend preparing?

Whether it be preparation and consumption of food,

Of information, interaction; it’s an interesting topic.


Hardly ever will it be even,

And unlike most things,

There are times when it’s typically out of our collective hands.


Is direction a view point or something fixed?

Is move always done carefully?

Is passivity always done explicitly?


Taste, isn’t exclusively about food.

For the palate of each and every person is accustomed to different,

Flavors and toppings

However you care to understand those terms.


Food of Body & Mind.


74 Collisions

Extremity is the name of the game;

Whether its emotional or physical can make a difference,

But occasionally they seem to be one in the same.

Why does it seem attention is most often sought after without sense?


Lives ended abruptly, bits of plastic strewn about the highway.

Mourners gather in dismay, insurance calls are on the way.

Cyclical reflection on life cycles,

Only spurred on if the desensitization isn’t in tact.

Not much shocks you,

when your world is fueled by atrocity.

It’s often said that the goal is peace & for there to be no more wars to end;

But, if that is so, why is sought with both flashlight & gun in hand?

For the light we give isn’t to come from a bullet being released from a gun chamber,

The light we release should be shown through our character & desire to seek the best for all.


There are many vices in this world,

And unfortunately we often yearn to at least experience all of them once.

But is ignorance a good enough reason,

To commit both bodily & spiritual treason?

It’s a lot to take on by oneself ,

But who said you need to walk alone?


This was inspired by many things, but partly the shooting that just happened in Oregon which happened to be the 74th school shooting in the US since the widely covered Sandy Hook shooting of 2012. Even more frightening, it’s already the 37th of this year. My condolences to those directly & indirectly affected by the shooting Troutdale, as well as to all who have been affected by this type of violence.