Street Walker

Buildings never thought to exist only 50 years ago surround me,

I cross paths with other brothers & sisters of life;

As they walk their path, sleep on their path, run to try and find a new path.

I’m not great at running,

but I know I’m walking faster than ever before.


It’s not like the days of my teen years,

Tired of routine after only a week or something ridiculous.

But as I try to keep in this increased pace,

I’m looking for a genuine change-

The kind of change that once it’s made,

it’d be like pulling teeth to change it.


I’m surrounded yet alone,

Known only unto myself.

And I find it,


This calmness has escaped me for some time,

But it feels so familiar

much like a favorite shirt or long awaited embrace.

Even as I type now,

it’s hard to describe exactly what is happening.


The busy streets of a city are my home,

wherever I may roam.